Going off-road at York Expo Center's 22nd Annual Jeep Show

John A. Pavoncello
York Dispatch

America's fascination with Jeeps started 76 years ago when Willys-Overland Motor Co. produced a vehicle for the military that would help U.S. forces win World War II.

Since then Jeeps have become one of the most owned and customized four-wheel drive vehicles in the world. 

Hundreds of Jeep owners showed up at the York Expo Center last weekend to show off their vehicles and swap parts during the 22nd Annual All Breeds Jeep show hosted by PA Jeeps Inc.

The highlight for drivers and spectators alike was the off-road course built in the middle of the infield of the York Fairgrounds track. 

Drivers made their way over a log bridge, mounds of dirt and piles of rock. Different courses were set up to host everything from stock Jeeps to the most tricked-out, lifted, big-tire creations. 

Spectators who didn't have Jeeps of their own or didn't want to chance dinging up the family vehicle could ride with skilled drivers in various models.