Hanover-area eaglets take first flight

Staff report

The Hanover-area eagle-cam captured a milestone in the life of its star eaglets this week.

Cody, who hatched in March a day apart from his sister, Mary, took his first flaps Wednesday, flying away from the nest for the first time.

Hanover-area eagle Cody (left) prepares to take flight as his sister Mary looks on from the nest. Cody fledged Wednesday morning, while Mary is still waiting to take flight.

Cody fledged around 6:40 a.m., Wednesday, according to the nationwide army of thousands who watch the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s livestream of the Hanover eagles’ nest.

Shortly after flying off, Cody returned to the nest, where Mary was waiting for him.

Mary fledged Thursday morning.

Second egg hatches in Hanover-area eagles nest

Since his first flight, Cody has left the nest multiple times for prolonged periods.

At the time of the eaglets’ hatching in March, game commission spokesman Travis Lau said the raptors would likely fly in about three months.

The eagles’ nest, which has two cameras with microphones, is located on private property near the Codorus State Park outside Hanover. According to the Game Commission, eagles have nested in the tree for more than 10 years.