Dish, WGAL-TV continue to negotiate

Alyssa Pressler
  • WGAL-TV and Dish Network continue to negotiate their contract.
  • WGAL-TV released a clock on its site showing viewers how long it has been off Dish.

The negotiations between Dish Network and Hearst Television, the parent company to WGAL-TV, have been going on for more than two weeks now.

WGAL logo

WGAL-TV has launched a "shot clock" on its website with a countdown tracking the duration of the impasse with Dish, according to a news release from Kevin Grimes, president and general manager of WGAL-TV.

The clock is accompanied with an open letter to Dish subscribers signed by Jordan Wertlieb, president of Hearst Television.

"Dish has suggested that Hearst Television has been unwilling to negotiate," the letter reads. "This is simply untrue. As we have said to Dish all along, we remain ready and willing to conclude a deal promptly."

Meanwhile, Dish Network also put out a release urging Hearst Television to make the same agreement it made with DirecTV. The two companies were at a similar impasse in the beginning of January, and after a little more than a week, WGAL and DirecTV were able to reach a new carrier agreement, which gives a company the right to transmit, or carry, a broadcaster's signal. Details of the new agreement were not released.

WGAL returns to DirecTV after agreement

“Hearst blacked out millions of DirecTV customers in January, and eventually the two sides reached an agreement," the release stated. "Before Hearst blacked out Dish customers two weeks ago, we said that we would agree to the same terms as DirecTV."

In the open letter found on the WGAL website, Wertlieb acknowledged this agreement and pointed out that Dish has been in several disputes in the last several months as well, some of which last for months on end.

"On the one hand, Dish has publicly stated that they’re willing to accept other deals that Hearst Television has successfully concluded," the letter states. "Yet, at the same time, Dish continues to offer us terms, including rates, that are so obviously below the marketplace that they could not be viewed as a genuine proposal by any objective participant."

Dish drops WGAL-TV

WGAL is an NBC affiliate, meaning Yorkers with Dish will go without shows such as "The Blacklist," "Chicago Fire" and "The Tonight Show."

Viewers still can receive WGAL-TV for free using an antenna. Viewers can determine the type of antenna needed by visiting