York YWCA names new chief services officer

Alyssa Pressler
  • Heather Seton will serve as YWCA's Chief Services Officer.
  • Seton was the interim chief services officer for the past 4 months.

Heather Seton has been named as YWCA's new chief services officer after holding the interim position for the last four months.

Children from the YWCA's school age program learn about Kwanza at the Martin Library, Friday, December 30, 2016.  This is the 50th anniversary of Kwanza, an African American and pan-American holiday celebrating family, community and culture.John A. Pavoncello photo

According to a news release from YWCA York, this change means Seton will officially take over aspects of victim services for the organization. This includes programs such as Access-York, Victim Assistance Center and Still Waters, as well as various prevention and education services.

"Heather's proven leadership as well as her depth of experience providing trauma-informed care to victims and survivors of violence made her the outstanding choice for this promotion," said Jean Treuthart, YWCA York CEO, in the news release.

According to the release, Seton has worked with the YWCA for more than 11 years. She has spent the last four months serving as interim chief services officer. Before that, she served as the legal director for Access-York and the Victim Assistance Center beginning in 2005. . Seton also has more than 20 years' experience in the mental health and human services professions.

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Access-York is a program that aims to end domestic violence through education and support for victims, according to the YWCA website. The Victim Assistance Center provides crisis intervention, information and counseling to victims of sexual violence and other violent crimes in York County.

Outside of the YWCA, Seton works closely with York County courts and the York County District Attorney's Office to make improve access to services for victims of violent crime. Her work resulted in YWCA York's trained victim advocates taking over the county's protection-from-abuse office in the Judicial Center in York City, according to the news release.

Seton could not be reached  for a comment.

"I am honored to be in this new role and have the opportunity to provide leadership and direction to victim services at YWCA York," Seton said in the release. "There is amazing work being done here, and our community deserves the very best we have to offer."