A sport like no other: Motocross drives Fawn Grove boy

John A Pavoncello
York Dispatch

Daniel Brookshire Jr. started riding motorcycles around the family yard in Fawn Grove when he was 3. While other boys his age were starting to play baseball and football, Daniel moved from the yard to the dirt track.

Coming off his first full season of competitive motocross riding, Daniel, now 9, is preparing for the upcoming season of racing.

Daniel started racing midway through the season in 2015. In 2016 he raced two different race series: the Mid-Atlantic Motocross Association (MAMA) and the Mason-Dixon Riding Association (MDRA). Between the two series, Daniel managed to claim seven championships and 49 podium finishes.

Topping that, he won the Maryland State Championship in the 65C class.

Part way into the season, Daniel took a hard fall on a turn, got up, brushed himself off and continued the race, only to find out later that he had broken his wrist. Daniel finished the season and racked up more podium finishes, broken wrist and all.

Daniel said he loves "racing with my friends and having fun."

Dan Brookshire Sr. said his son has always been a "motorhead" and that he started riding on his own.

"This sport is totally different than any other sport," Brookshire said. "It's such a family-oriented thing."

During a recent practice session at Happy Ramblers Motorcycle Club in Hanover, Daniel spent the better part of an hour accelerating through turns and blasting over jumps. Daniel says he's "good at doing cornerings and jumps."

Brookshire said he's thankful for the recent spell of warm weather. Many other competitors are in the South riding through the winter, but with the unseasonable weather locally, his son also has been able to ride all winter long.

"It's really a good bonus for us to be able to ride in the winter ... and hopefully have an edge on this season," Brookshire said.

The family goal for this season is to make it to the Rocky Mountain ATC/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, or  "Loretta Lynn's" as it's known by racers because it is held at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in .Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. This year's competition is slated for July 31 to Aug. 5.

"That is every racer kid's dream to make it to Loretta's," Brookshire said. Even finishing in last place would still make racing at Loretta Lynn's worthwhile. "I just like to see him happy," he added.