Menges running for Court of Common Pleas

Junior Gonzalez

Local attorney Matt Menges has announced a run for a seat in the York County Court of Common Pleas.


The York native is running as a Republican in the May primary election for the court’s 19th Judicial District. Menges, who serves as vice chair for the North York Regional Police Department’s Board of Commissioners, is a partner at the firm Trinity Law, where he specializes in estate planning. Menges is a former president of the social services organization Typical Life Corp. and still serves as director. He was also a police officer in Ocean City, Maryland.

Menges has a history in local Republican politics, including serving as state Republican Party committeeman for York County. He is a supervisor for Dover Township.

Experience and compassion: He notes his experience with civil litigation to be an important qualifier for the seat.

“I have sat with people in tears because their spouse just left them unexpectedly, people who have just lost loved ones and people on the verge of losing their home,” he said. “As a judge, it’s important to keep this compassion for every person coming into the courtroom and not just consider them another case on the docket.”

There are many reasons for ending up in court, but Menges said he believes the common denominator is people seeking help.

“I know that when people get in front of a judge, it’s because they haven’t been able to solve a problem themselves,” he said. “And you need great empathy for that.”

Menges said his time at Typical Life Corp., a mental-health services not-for-profit organization, gave him an increased sense of empathy and compassion for others.

“I’ve learned not to take what we have for granted. We all have challenges, but when you see people facing physical challenges and mental disabilities, you gain perspective,” he said.

Primary voting for many local offices, including three open seats in the 19th Judicial District, is May 16.