York City councilwoman seeking third term

Jason Addy, 505-5437/@JasonAddyYD
  • York City Councilwoman Renee Nelson wants to continue building on progress made over the past few years.
  • Nelson calls herself "an advocate for living within one's means" and has brought that philosophy to City Hall since 2010.

York City Councilwoman Renee Nelson is looking to keep her seat in the upcoming election, saying she wants to continue standing up for city taxpayers.

Nelson, who is seeking her third term on the council, is motivated to secure another four years in office “to continue to hold the city accountable for expenditures and provide continued assurance of fiscal responsibility,” according to her campaign announcement.

York City Councilwoman Renee Nelson

Nelson touted her voting record in support of public safety jobs and business development incentives, having served on the council since 2010. Nelson also pointed to her record of voting to hold property taxes at bay, before helping to cut taxes for property owners in the city over the last two years.

City officials are halfway through a four-year plan to reduce property taxes in the city by 15 percent. Property taxes were cut by 1 percent in 2016, and in December, the City Council approved a 2 percent property tax reduction in the 2017 budget.

York City Council passes budget with tax cut, fee increases

York City Mayor Kim Bracey is expected to propose a 4 percent cut in next year’s budget, to be followed by an 8 percent cut for the 2019 fiscal year.

In the release, Nelson said she supports repealing pension and health benefits for elected officials, approving legislation to reduce public nuisances and adopting budgets with no tax increases, “while still providing needed services to her constituents.”

If re-elected, the two-term councilwoman said she will look to implement programs to protect senior citizens’ financial interests, increase public safety, maintain government transparency and exercise fiscal responsibility.

“Our citizens expect us to do the best job possible to represent their interests, and I want to continue to do the job I was tasked to do,” Nelson said in the release.

Nelson is a teacher in the York City School District and former York City School Board member. She holds a bachelor’s degree from York College and a master’s in leadership from Walden University.

“Being an educator is very similar to being an elected official because you are faced with unexpected challenges, rapidly changing situations, unanticipated policy twists and heart-wrenching personal stories from individuals you serve,” Nelson said.

Nelson is the third incumbent to announce a re-election bid for council, joining council Vice President Henry Nixon, Councilwoman Judy Ritter-Dickson and Anne Clark, community outreach director for Lincoln Charter School, in the race for three open seats.