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Who owns stash of cash found at New Freedom Rutter's?

Liz Evans Scolforo

Southern Regional Police Chief Jim Boddington won't say exactly how much cash was found at a New Freedom convenience store by a good Samaritan who turned it over to police — but it's a lot.

"It's significant enough that someone's definitely missing it," he said.

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Boddington said his department is deliberately releasing few details about how and when the cash was found to guard against opportunists trying to fraudulently claim it.

Anyone who does that will be charged with theft by deception, he said.

Cash cache: Sometime last fall, a good Samaritan found the large sum of cash at the Rutter's Farm Store at 2 S. Broad St. in New Freedom and turned it over to police, according to Boddington.

Because of how much money it is, police initially figured the person who lost it would contact them, but that hasn't happened, the chief said.

Police then tried to track down the owner but have had no luck.

"We've exhausted every other means to find the owner," Boddington said. "We've done as much investigation as we can to determine who it belongs to."

He said spreading the word publicly is the department's last-ditch effort to reunite the wayward money with the person who lost it.

Specifics needed: Boddington said whoever lost the money knows it.

That person can claim the cash by calling police and setting up a meeting with officers, according to the chief.

"They're going to have to give specific information to prove it's theirs," he said. "We want someone to tell us what happened, and they're going to have to give us a lot of information to get it back."

Boddington could not be enticed into revealing whether the amount is three figures, four figures or more.

"I think it's a lot," he said.

If the money is yours, or if you suspect you might know who the money belongs to, you're asked to call Southern Regional Police at 717-235-3944.

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