York City Councilman Henry Nixon announced his candidacy for a third term Thursday, citing a desire to build on past successes and the “incredible momentum” the city has started to gain.

York City has been able to make progress toward its goals to reduce crime and taxes because the City Council and Mayor Kim Bracey have worked together to achieve common goals, Nixon said in a news release.

“The City of York is headed in the right direction, and it is not by accident. It is because of City Council and the mayor working together and making tough, smart decisions,” Nixon said. “I have been part of that for seven years, and I ask for your support to keep me there working hard and smart for you, the York City taxpayer.”

Nixon touted his support for Bracey’s administration and said his voting record has helped to spur $100 million in economic development and $8 million in neighborhood revitalization.

For the last five years, the City Council and administration have passed budgets that included no tax increases, while the most recent two budgets included small tax decreases. Nixon said he is “laser-focused” on attaining the 15 percent tax cut by 2020 that the mayor has promised.

The city’s 2016 budget cut taxes by 1 percent, while the 2017 budget cuts taxes by 2 percent for city residents. Bracey intends to cut taxes by 4 percent in 2018 and 8 percent in 2019.

In the release, Bracey called Nixon a “steady hand” on the council and a strong advocate for the city and said she was happy to support his re-election bid.

“His honesty, integrity and genuine interest in improving our community always find him helping others and working hard on behalf of our citizens,” Bracey said. “He has been a great partner in the success of our community. We are always able to work through issues, challenges and even disagreements, always to a better end result.”

Nixon started on City Council in January 2010, having previously led and served on various volunteer boards for the city. Nixon chairs the board of directors for the Community Progress Council.

Nixon ran an unsuccessful campaign for York County Commissioner in 2015.

The councilman is seeking one of three open seats in the May 16 primary. Councilwomen Renee Nelson and Judy Ritter-Dickson also are up for re-election. Nixon and Anne Clark, director of community outreach for Lincoln Charter School, are the only people to announce a campaign for York City Council as of Thursday.

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