VIDEO: Local artist-shaman captures clients energy in paint


Artist and urban shaman Liette Monic captures the "energy" of clients using oil paints and canvas.

In her third-floor studio above the Hive artspace, 126 E. King St., Monic starts by praying with her clients for guidance.

"What I put on the canvas is just what the spirits tell me to," Monic says. "Most of the time I have no idea what the heck (the painting) is until after it's done."

For Jami Berardi and Misti Coyle of Ephrata, having Monic paint their combined energies was "a great experience," according to Coyle. "She has been a blessing to know."

After sitting and painting for about an hour, Monic spun her easel around and revealed her creation to the couple.

"The first thing I see that really brought the two of you together is this spirit connection," Monic says, pointing to a deep blue swath of color in the middle of the painting. She goes on to point out Coyle's ideas flowing to Berardi and a darkness over Berardi showing her temper.

"With Liette, it's amazing," says Berardi. "She is very gifted, very insightful."

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