Recycling after the holidays

Alyssa Pressler
York Dispatch
  • York County Solid Waste Authority will be recycling Christmas trees throughout January.
  • Penn Waste also will recycle trees and use them to make mulch.

The holiday season can produce a lot of trash that should be recycled, from plastic and gift boxes to Christmas trees. 

According to a news release from Penn Waste, the company sees a significant increase in the amount of trash and recycling collected in late December through the end of January. 

Penn Waste recycling center sorters work along a conveyor Friday, March 25, 2016. Penn Waste is urging customers to contain medical waste, like dirty needles, and dispose of it in their regular trash for the safety of their workers. Bill Kalina photo

It's important to remember exactly what can and cannot be recycled during this time to save everyone some headaches. Below are a few lists of things that can and cannot be recycled through Penn Waste. 

What can be recycled:

  • Cardboard boxes (broken down)
  • Paperboard packaging
  • Office paper
  • Newspapers and inserts
  • Magazines, catalogs and brochures
  • Envelopes
  • Paper bags

What can’t be recycled:

  • Styrofoam
  • Packing peanuts
  • Plastic bubble wrap
  • Plastic liners
  • Plastic air pouches
  • Wet papers or cardboard

In addition to the above lists, Penn Waste cannot recycle electronic waste, according to the news release. Individuals wishing to get rid of things such as televisions, computers and printers should call the Pennsylvania Recycling Hotline at 1-800-346-4242 to learn about electronic waste recycling in their area. 

In addition to boxes, paper bags and envelopes, Penn Waste will be recycling Christmas trees and turning them into mulch. Times and dates will be announced at

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York County Solid Waste Authority will be recycling Christmas trees starting Monday and continuing through Jan. 31. Residents can drop their trees off at the authority’s Yard Waste Transfer Facility in Manchester Township at 58 Flour Mill Road during daylight hours seven days a week, according to a news release from the authority.

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In addition to that location, the following businesses are recycling trees: Spring Valley Mulch, 2770 Mill Creek Road, Dover; H & H General Excavating, 660 Old Hanover Road, Spring Grove; and Mighty Oak Mulch, 102 Walnut Valley Court, Wrightsville.  

Anyone recycling Christmas trees through either Penn Waste or York County Solid Waste Authority should remove all ornaments, tinsel, bagging and lights. There is no fee to recycle a tree through either program.