County constructs own mapping assessments tool

David Weissman
  • Online, in-house mapping and assessment tool allows York County residents to see property values.
  • The service was previously done through external service; county will save $20,000 from the switch.

Ever wonder what your favorite restaurant's property value is? Or how much your neighbor pays in school property taxes?

A screen grab of York County's new online mapping and assessment tool.

Answers to those questions and more are now easily accessible through York County's new online, in-house mapping and assessment tool.

A similar online tool has been available to residents for a while through an external service, but the county assessment office, in conjunction with the planning commission and other county agencies, has created its own version.

Rachael Perring, the county's director of assessment, said the move will save the county approximately $20,000 per year.

The property viewer, which can be accessed through the county assessment website, allows users to search for properties by address, owner's name or parcel ID number.

Users will be given an overhead view of the property and information, including the current and previous owner's name, assessed property value, sale price, land use code (which describes whether it's residential, commercial, industrial, etc.) and property taxes.

The property taxes, which Perring said are just estimates, are broken down into school, county and municipal, allowing users to see in a pie chart how the property taxes are divided between the three.

The online tool also allows users to search for property data without looking at a map.

Perring said the data currently has a six-week lag time from when its submitted to the mapping office to when it appears online, but the office is working to reduce that to two to four weeks.

Planning commission officials urged residents to use the new tool along with other tools offered on the county website, including a flood-plain viewer, polling-place map and census-data viewer.

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