Local roofing company hoodie giveaway goes viral

Margarita Cambest, 505-5439/@ritacambest
  • Miller's Roofing has had their pink hoodie Facebook giveaway shared more than 288,000 times since Tuesday.

When Josh Miller posted a picture on Facebook on Tuesday while standing in front of a company truck holding a box of pink hoodie sweatshirts, he didn’t expect it to go viral.

Josh Miller posted this picture to Facebook Tuesday for a breast cancer awareness giveaway. It has been shared more than 288,000 times since then.

More than 111,000 Facebook likes later, the owners of Miller’s Roofing in East Berlin say their Breast Cancer Awareness Month giveaway post has done just that.

“It's October, and we would like to give away some of our pink hoodies,” Miller posted to his family-owned roofing company’s page. “Like and share this photo to be entered into a drawing. We will pick a winner every Friday this month.”

The company, which serves York, Adams and Cumberland counties, started with 240 Facebook likes on Tuesday, but in the days following, likes of their Facebook page soared to 40,000. By Sunday evening, the attention-garnering post had been shared 320,000 times.

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“We do run contests from time to time and give away those pink hoodies, but we had no idea the response we would get,” said Josh's wife, Rachel Miller. “It’s been amazing.”

The company will continue to give away two pink Miller’s Roofing hoodies each Friday in October to those who follow, like or share the post, but Rachel Miller said the company also  has received more than 1,000 private messages asking to purchase the hoodies.

The first few shares came from Pennsylvania, but then the out-of-state calls came flowing in. They came from Texas and New York, Delaware and Kentucky, she said.

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“It’s just really positive. It makes you realize that people are interested in a cause, and they appreciate that small business support causes that are important to them,” she said.

The company said starting next week, it will have hoodies for purchase, with proceeds going to a cancer-related charity.

Visit the Miller’s Roofing Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MillersRoofingInc