Power restored in some areas of York

The York Dispatch

Update: According to Met-Ed, power is restored in Manchester Township, North York and York City.

Reported earlier:

Power outages around York City and North York are affecting traffic lights.

The signals are dark at Pennsylvania Avenue and Route 30, and 11th Avenue and North George Street.

The lights at North George and Route 30 Street also were affecting, but power to them was restored at about 3 p.m.

Northern Regional Police were seen directing traffic at the 11th Avenue and North George Street intersection.

Additionally, Met-Ed is reporting about 7,600 people are without power in the county.

In Manchester Township there are nearly 2,500 people without power, in York City nearly 3,900 people are affected, and in North York about 940 people have no electricity.

Power in North York and Mancester Township is expected to be restored by 5 p.m., and in York City by 5:30 p.m.

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