Thirteen southcentral Pennsylvania Lowe’s stores will collaborate with Leg Up Farm on July 26-27 by sending 200 to 400 employees to make structural improvements to the pediatric therapy center.

Leg Up Farm in Manchester Township will be the recipient this year of Lowe’s annual Heroes Project. The Heroes Project allows Lowe’s to donate approximately $40,000 in money and volunteer efforts to a deserving nonprofit organization in Pennsylvania every year.

“If anything, the project will enhance what’s going on here. Our families are really excited about it,” said Leg Up Farm development specialist Maura Musselman.

Musselman said there isn’t an area of Leg Up Farm that won’t be touched by the Lowe’s Heroes Project. Volunteers will add a 90-foot concrete walkway to make the center easier to navigate and a gazebo, and they will install shelving and paint.

The project will include the addition of a Lowe’s Home Improvement Store to Matthew’s Town, the interactive miniaturized city that serves as a play space and learning environment for children.

Jaime Stauffer, manager of the Lowe’s store in Palmyra, said the Leg Up Farm Lowe’s in Matthew's Town will include a hands-on aspect to allow children to build wooden and seasonal projects. Goggles, hammers and a wooden work bench will be accessible.

The project will conclude at 2 p.m. July 27 with a board-cutting ceremony.

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