York County ends payment for per-capita tax collection

Greg Gross
  • The move is expected to save the county about $10,000 a year
  • Enumerators keep track of who lives where for tax purposes

York County will no longer pay enumerators to keep track of the population for per capita tax collection purposes.

The county doesn't see any of the tax revenue but had been paying tax collectors who serve as enumerators since about 1995, county solicitor Glenn Smith told county commissioners.

It cost the county about $10,000 a year to pay enumerators, whose sole job is to keep tabs on who lives where to ensure per capita taxes are charged accordingly, Smith said.

Enumerators were paid between $200 and $500 a year.

Commissioners approved cutting off funding, part of a cost-savings measure, by a 3-0 vote during their weekly meeting on Wednesday.

Per-capita tax: Municipalities and school districts can levy a per capita tax, commonly called a head tax since it's charged to anyone over the age of 17.

In York County, 35 municipalities or districts impose a per capita tax of between $5 and $10, said Rachael Perring, head of the county assessment office.

That's down from the 41 taxing bodies that charged the tax at the start of the year. Red Lion Area School District was one district to ditch the tax when it repealed its $10 per capita tax in April.

York County eyes ending per capita tax payments

At one point, the county had its own per capita tax, but it was discontinued years ago.

The county started paying local tax collectors to serve as enumerators more than 20 years ago, costing it between $8,500 and $10,000 yearly. At that rate, the initiative cost the county $178,500 to $210,000 over the 21-year period.

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