If you thought Thursday was hot in York County, just wait until Friday.

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Following a Thursday in York County that felt like it was in the mid- to high 90s, the mercury will continue to rise on Friday, according to meteorologists from the National Weather Service and AccuWeather.

National Weather Service meteorologist Kevin Fitzgerald said the heat index will be near 100 degrees on Friday and then just a little lower the next day.

"We may fall just short of heat-advisory criteria," he said. The heat index factors in the air temperature, humidity and wind.

The NWS did issue a hazardous weather outlook for York County and the surrounding area, citing the high temperatures. There was an excessive heat warning in the Philadelphia area through Friday, with an extra few degrees putting that region within the threshold for such a warning.

Evan Duffey, an AccuWeather meteorologist, said his organization predicts much the same.

"We’re definitely looking at it feeling worse than usual," he said, adding the average air temperature for this time of the year is around 87.

AccuWeather's version of the heat index, which considers some other factors, such as cloud cover, is predicted to add the third digit on Friday, going up to 101 degrees. It is expected to be back down in the 90s on Saturday, Duffey said. Thursday peaked at 99 degrees by that measurement around noon, he said.

Friday also brings a chance of thunderstorms. After Saturday, a "cold front" — using that term in a relative sense only — will roll through, bringing the temperatures down into the low to mid-80s for a few days, Fitzgerald said.

Duffey said Sunday — and likely Monday and Tuesday, too — should have a refreshing breeze and low humidity.

"Sunday should actually be a pretty nice day," he said.

He said it's likely the weather will then heat up again, getting back above 90 with more oppressive humidity by the end of next week.

Both weathermen advised that anyone spending a significant amount of time outside on one of these extra-hot days should take care. They recommend people take frequent breaks if they're working outside, try to stay in the shade and drink plenty of water.

"If they’re not smart (Friday), they’re going to have problems," Duffey said.

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