LANCASTER — A defense expert says a college freshman who died in her Pennsylvania dorm room last year wasn’t beaten or strangled, but died from a “massive nosebleed” caused by a previous fracture of her eye socket.

The testimony of Dr. C. Peter Speth came Thursday and was to continue Friday in the Lancaster County trial of Gregorio Orrostieta.

His defense attorney previously told jurors that Orrostieta didn’t mean to kill Millersville University student Karlie Hall, and merely pushed her during a drunken argument in February 2015.

Dr. Wayne Ross, a pathologist called by county prosecutors, says the 18-year-old woman was beaten and strangled.

But Speth says the nosebleed caused blood in Hall’s lungs, which killed her. He says bruising was caused by blood clots settling in her body, not being beaten or strangled.

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