Follow along for updates on happenings in Tuesday's primary election as York County residents head to the polls:

Some voters said they waited 30 to 40 minutes to vote at a Fairview Township polling place late this afternoon.

At one point the line stretched out the door and deep into the parking lot at the Fishing Creek Community Building on Locust Road.

"I was surprised to see this many cars," said Bernadette Averi.

The township resident said she votes in almost every election but has never seen queues like she saw today.

It has also been a busy voting day in Hanover.

But not so much in Red Lion.

Those waiting until tonight to vote may have to deal with some inclement weather. There is a slight risk of thunderstorms in York County this afternoon and early evening with wind gusts reaching 55-65 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

York College is one of five polling places in Spring Garden Township. Find your nearest polling place here.

Still trying to figure out which candidates should get your vote, or even who is up for election? York Dispatch county reporter Greg Gross breaks it down for you here.

Linda Mitchell, of West Manchester Township, said we need a president who's "not afraid to make decisions."

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Early-morning voters at Normandie Ridge Senior Living Community in West Manchester Township mostly said they had voted for Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. One man said he voted for Hillary Clinton, but no Ted Cruz or John Kasich supporters to speak of thus far.

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Polls opened for the Pennsylvania primary election at 7 a.m. Tuesday, and York County voters are making their voices heard more than two months after votes were first cast in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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