Stolen antique guns were from NRA exhibit that drew protests

The Associated Press

HARRISBURG — Three antique guns stolen from a Pennsylvania Civil War museum were part of a National Rifle Association-sponsored exhibit that had drawn protests.

A pair of guns stolen from National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg

National Civil War Museum CEO Wayne Motts tells one of the weapons was a Henry repeating rifle once owned by Simon Cameron, Secretary of War during the Civil War. The other stolen guns were revolvers said to have been presented by Samuel Colt to Cameron in 1861.

Harrisburg Police Capt. Gabriel Olivera said Wednesday the guns were in a display case that was smashed. He says the alarm system malfunctioned during the break-in Sunday morning. Surveillance video shows one male suspect.

The NRA exhibit drew protests last week over the display of Confederate guerrilla leader William Quantrill’s gun. He led the massacre of 180 men and boys in Lawrence, Kansas.