Powerball jackpot to reach $450 million

Jessica Schladebeck

Has anyone ever told you you're one in a million? How about one in 292.2 million?

In this file photo, Marcus Mitchell of York City purchases several lottery tickets at Bob's West End News, 639 W. Market St. (John A. Pavoncello - jpavoncello@yorkdispatch.com)

According to the Multi-State Lottery Association, those are the approximate odds of winning Wednesday's jumbo Powerball jackpot, estimated to be at least $450 million. To compare, the odds of being struck by lightning is about one in 750,000, while the odds of getting canonized as a saint are about 20 million to one.

The jackpot stands to be the sixth-largest prize in Powerball history.

Cashier Taylor Fuhrman, left, of  DJ's Westgate Beverage in West Manchester Township, sells a powerball ticket to Sean Ohrum, of Dover Township, at the store in York, Pa. on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016. Wednesday's Powerball jackpot is estimated to be more than $400 million. (Dawn J. Sagert - The York Dispatch)

Saturday's $334 million prize went unclaimed, so the next drawing will be on Wednesday giving more people time to purchase tickets.

"I'm lucky enough where a couple of dollars won't hurt my purse so much, so maybe I'll be lucky enough to win big money too," Dasha Leering, 54, said after buying her ticket at the Rutter's on Kenneth Road.

The money: The cash value of the jackpot will be about $244.8 million after taxes, according the lottery association.

That's enough money for a local college graduate to pay off their student loans — on average Pennsylvania students carry about $32,000 in debt — more than 7,500 times. Alternatively, one could also purchase nearly 350,000 six-packs of Yuengling.

Leering said she would put the funds toward purchasing a dream home.

"On the water," she said, "with a view my neighbors would be jealous of."

Should Leering nab the prize, she wouldn't be the only one to have purchased a winning ticket at a Rutter's.

Since 2007, Rutter’s customers have purchased 29 winning tickets worth $100,000 or more, said Rutter's marketing and communications manager Suzanne Cramer. She said there has been a notable increase in lottery ticket sales in light of the $450 million jackpot.

"We do have customers that come in to buy lottery tickets specifically when the numbers get higher," Cramer said. "And for some of our regular lottery customers a big jackpot is even more reason to play."

New Year winners: Purchasing a ticket in York County could be good luck.

Giant Food Store on Mount Airy Road in Shrewsbury was one of four Pennsylvania stores that sold a $1 million ticket for the New Year's Millionaire Raffle.

The Giant on East Market Street in York also handed out a winning ticket with a prize value of $100,000.

Both stores will receive a selling bonus of $5,000 and $500, respectively.

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