Schultz visited the Manchester Township Starbucks for about 45 minutes Thursday morning before heading to the East Manchester Township roasting plant.


A Manchester Township Starbucks Cafe brewed a double espresso macchiato for a special visitor Thursday morning.

Howard Schultz, CEO of the Seattle-based corporation with more than 11,000 stores nationwide, visited the 303 Arsenal Road location on his way to a meeting at the Starbucks Roasting Plant in East Manchester Township.

Kyle Osman, a former employee at the location, was present as for the occasion, and said he and several others were aware that Schultz was planning to visit, though the crowd for his arrival wasn't much larger than would be typical for around 10:30 a.m. on a weekday.

Schultz was there for about 45 minutes, Osman said, drinking his macchiato (in the controversial red cup), chatting and taking pictures with employees and customers, and even signing one of Osman's friend's apron.

Osman, who worked at Starbucks as a shift manager for three years, described Schultz as humble.

Starbucks employees at the location said they were unable to speak with media about the visit.

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