York Catholic teen's sunny disposition earns her $500 from Herr's


For one York County teen, staying positive is literally paying off.

In April, Herr Foods Inc. announced Sarah Mazzur as a winner of the Good Natured Kids Contest, a scholarship competition created to recognize students who are making a difference in their communities.

Melissa Mazzur of York Township heard about the contest through Facebook and immediately knew her daughter Sarah, 15, was the kind of young person the judges were seeking.

"She's had a lot of curve balls thrown at her as she developed — she had epilepsy at age 5, and also developed something else where she turned blue randomly at times," the mother said.

Doctors are still unsure what caused the condition, she said, but her type of epilepsy should be outgrown during her teenage years.

In spite of the challenges posed by these medical conditions, Sarah manages to maintain a positive attitude at school and at home, her mother said.

"She's always laughed it off, she's always good-natured about it. I think the kids just got used to it at school — she's fine with it," Mazzur said.

After high school: A freshman at York Catholic, Sarah is an honors student and a basketball and varsity lacrosse player for the school.

If she's one of the only players stuck on the bench in a hard game, she happily cheers for her teammates, her mother said.

Academically, she knows exactly what she wants to pursue after high school.

"She wants to go to St. Joseph's University and study criminal justice — she wants to be in the FBI."

And now that she's won the Good Natured Scholarship, Sarah's family has a good foundation to build upon.

"I was very excited because it's to be used for scholarship money. Now we're starting to work on her college," Mazzur said. "Our other daughter just finished her first year of college. Now we're working on getting money for Sarah — we're excited that we have a start for her."

Money for school: The contest is part of a campaign by Good Natured Selects, Herr's latest line of snacks focused on "providing baked crisps that promote a healthier and more active lifestyle for families."

"We just started up our Facebook page, so we hosted a contest to honor the kids that have gone above and beyond to make a difference or do something nice," said Colleen Lynch, spokeswoman for Herr Foods Inc.

Although it was the first contest of its kind, Good Natured Selects received hundreds of applicants from across the country and narrowed down the contestant pool to 10 winners.

"Each of the 10 kids will get a $500 Good Natured Scholarship — our hope is that they'll start a scholarship fund for college, high school or whatever it may be," Lynch said. "It seems that they'll have a bright future."