First Capital Federal Credit Union and York Jewish Community Center host a free Stress Management Tools & Techniques workshop.


Soft music and a cool mist of essential oils invited new arrivals into a second-floor room that was minimally lit by dwindling window light and a PowerPoint presentation.

Attendees at a recent stress-management seminar took their seats as York Jewish Community Center’s group fitness manager Kelly Block began.

“I really talk about posture and alignment and movement and how movement does affect your well-being,” she said.

Block is certified as a group fitness instructor, wellness coach and personal trainer, as well as her primary focus of being a posture-alignment specialist.

“There’s a correlation between having good posture and having a stress-free existence,” Block said. “I found that through coaching posture that there was this whole other element, besides physical element of posture — mind, spiritual, mental and physical. … It’s really a big combination of everything that really comes down to how we can manage the stresses in our own lives.”

During the seminar, she spoke of physical, emotional and spiritual stressors "that all kind of go into the same pot, that really do have an effect on how our bodies can heal, how our bodies recover, losing weight, healing from injuries — so all of those things really do have an effect on everything we’re being constantly bombarded with.”

The stress-management seminar was coordinated in partnership with First Capital Federal Credit Union.

Block offered tips and advice, such as realizing what things one can and cannot control, and discussed diet and exercise habits.

Participant Laura Ely, of Windsor Township, said she found the seminar helpful.

“I’m learning techniques that I need to learn to be in the moment,” Ely said.

The York JCC offers other sessions, open to members and nonmembers. For more information, check out the center’s program guide at

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