Northeastern principal allegedly called Black Lives Matter 'leftist lie'

Scott D’Orazio

Northeastern School District's solicitor has opened a probe after a principal allegedly posted a meme on his personal Facebook page calling the Black Lives Matter movement a “leftist lie.”

Shallow Brook Intermediate School Principal Scott D’Orazio shared a meme on Facebook about the movement, claimed the Twitter account We See What You're Doing. D'Orazio's page is private and cannot be viewed by anyone who is not on his friends list.

"You posted this to your facebook account, why not here? Why not Tweet it from your school? Do Black Lives matter in your school?" a tweet from the account reads, showing a screen grab of the Facebook post and tagging both D'Orazio and Shallow Brook.

District solicitor William J. Zee confirmed that he is "looking into" the allegation and declined further comment.

Northeastern school board President Margie Walker also declined comment when reached Friday, saying only the matter has been turned over to "legal counsel."

Repeated attempts to reach D’Orazio seeking comment have been unsuccessful. He was hired by the district in 2017. 

Other district board members did not respond or denied requests for comment. Superintendent Stacey Sidle did not return calls.

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D’Orazio came under fire in 2019 when a member of the school's nursing staff filed a complaint against him in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

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She accused D’Orazio of verbal harassment and a hostile work environment that made her feel anxious and unsafe.

The allegations were not related to race.

District officials denied several of the claims, including a claim that they never investigated those issues. The case was settled out of court in November.