York County's graduating seniors have one last shot at prom

Students attend the Northeastern High School Prom at Out Door Country Club Friday, April 26, 2019. Bill Kalina photo

York County students lamenting the cancellation of traditional senior events might have one last chance to celebrate after all.

Out Door Country Club is planning a junior/senior prom — with dinner, dancing, a photo booth and all the classic elements many have seen as a pipe dream lately, considering state stay-at-home orders to prevent COVID-19 were extended through June 4.

“We’re throwing the biggest party of the year and you are invited!” reads a flyer distributed to York area schools from the Manchester Township venue.

The club has been a popular location for York County proms in previous years.

Located on a golf course, with outdoor seating that connects to a ballroom, the space would still allow for social distancing, said Susie Pickett, communications and special events coordinator for the club, when reached Wednesday.

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The  party is slated for Aug. 8, with no theme other than a "postponed prom," Pickett said. Tickets would be $75 per person, offering a full-course seated dinner and DJ.

Though York County is slated to move  from Gov. Tom Wolf's fully restrictive red phase  to the more relaxed yellow phase on Friday, May 22, social gatherings would still be limited to 25 people.

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Event staff are still working out the details, Pickett said, and all plans are contingent on state and health guidelines and restrictions being lifted.

“We certainly would not want to jeopardize anybody’s health," she said. "We just wanted to put it out there to offer some hope and give an opportunity.”

Pickett said staff will await further instruction on how many people are allowed in one room at a time and adhere to social distancing. The venue's ballroom seats up to 250 people.

Out Door Country Club plans to also reach out to local businesses for donations of floral items, wrist corsages and boutonnieres and have them delivered and distributed on site.

“There’s so many questions,” Pickett said, such as how dancing would work or how to ensure food safety, and club staff are waiting on more guidance. 

Still, the venue is taking a cautiously optimistic approach in planning the event, with the understanding it might need to postpone to a later date.

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Tickets won’t be sold until the date is confirmed, Pickett said. Right now, she is contacting schools to gather interest and put them on a ticket list.

A handful of districts have responded, including Dallastown Area and Northeastern, Pickett said. Dallastown has yet to confirm its interest or plans with The York Dispatch.

Marley Beckwith visits with her nephew Zachary Beckwith, 2, before the Dover Prom at Out Door Country Club Saturday, April 28, 2018. Bill Kalina photo

Northeastern High School Principal Matthew Gay said his adviser is planning to share the event invite with students, and officials are happy to present that opportunity as long as the event can be held safely.

Out Door Country Club was the original site of the school's April 24 prom.

Pickett also said she is open to multiple dates for the event if interest exceeds capacity so as many students could attend as possible, in addition to opening up the space for graduation parties or other special events if restrictions allow.

The focus of planning, she said, is on the students who are missing out.