What changed in final York County 2019-20 school district budgets?

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York County School District budgets have all been approved for 2019-20.

Red Lion Area, South Western, Hanover Public, Eastern York, York City, West York Area and Southern York County school district budgets all passed unchanged from earlier drafts.

Several other districts had minor adjustments to tax rates, expenditures or revenue — with some such as Spring Grove Area and Central York able to come down from a max tax increase. Dallastown Area reduced taxes below this year's rate.

Those that had changes are listed below, in order of budget passage. A reference to preliminary 2019-20 budgets can be found here.

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York Suburban: The district's final budget passed May 6, with a slight increase in expenditures from about $65.6 million to $65.78 million, leaving a deficit of about $1.1 million.

 A 1% tax increase was also approved, as previously proposed.

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South Eastern: A final budget with expenditures of about $55.37 million is a slight increase over the preliminary budget, which had approximately $55.3 million. But expenses over revenue fell to about $1.35 million compared with a previous $1.43 million.

No tax increase is included, as proposed earlier. The final budget was approved May 16.

Spring Grove: The 2019-20 final budget passed May 20 with no changes except for a dip in the district's millage increase. 

In the preliminary budget, a 2.9% increase — up to the district's Act 1 adjusted index — to 23.7586 mills was proposed, but the final budget included only a 0.5772 increase to 23.6663 mills.

That's about $346 more annually for homeowners than last year, according to cumulative average home values in the district from January to June in 2019 compared with 2018, as listed in a Realtors Association of York & Adams Counties report. 

Dover Area: The district's deficit was reduced from about $1.98 million (with $1 million transferred to the capital projects fund) to about $1.53 million in its final 2019-20 budget, approved May 21.

Expenditures had a small dip from about $65.4 million to about $65.3 million, and the proposed tax increase of 1.21% remained. 

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Northeastern: Revenue increased about $523,343 to about $71.9 million and expenditures increased about $83,343 to about $70.83 million in the district's final 2019-20 budget passed June 3.

A budgetary reserve of $1.05 million will be set aside — more than the $600,000 originally proposed. The preliminary millage increase of 0.16 was raised to 0.22 mills to cover high school renovations. 

It will mean about $30 more annually for taxpayers, according to RAYAC values.

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West Shore: The district passed its budget June 13, with a decrease in expenditures of about $571,738 to about $124.4 million and an increase in revenue of about $102,2014, compared with March and April projections.

Expenses over revenue brought the deficit down to about $236,058 from an earlier figure of $907,073.

Millage rates saw slight changes from previous estimates. York County millage will increase 2% to 14.6918, compared with the last estimate of 14.7051 — which will be an annual increase of about $366 for the average homeowner.

Dallastown Area: The board approved a final budget June 13 with a small increase in expenditures of about $100,000 to about $109.8 million.

There will be no tax increase from this year's 23.66 millage, as proposed in the preliminary budget, but instead a 1.30% decrease to 23.35 mills.

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Central York: A 2019-20 final budget passed June 17 with a 2% tax increase — less than the 2.9% increase to the adjusted Act 1 index originally proposed in April — and reduced expenditures of about $350,000.

The 2% increase will add $66.28 more on the average homeowner's bill, officials have said. 

Revenue increased as well, but it is still below expenses. The district's deficit increased $26,462, from $167,360 to $193,822.

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Northern York: The board passed its final budget June 27, with a slight increase in revenue to about $49.33 million and reduction in expenditures to about $50.5 million — reducing a previous deficit of about $2.56 million to about $1.21 million.

The district will have a millage increase to its adjusted Act 1 index of 2.9%, bringing total millage to 17.4716, as proposed in the preliminary budget. That will be about $721 more on the average homeowner bill, according to RAYAC values.