Write-ins win spots on November school board ballots

Primary Election Day at Salvation Army, York City 1 polling location, Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Dawn J. Sagert photo

Four write-in candidates will be on the ballot in November in York County school board races following May's primary elections.

West York Area School District has two candidates vying for one spot in the fall election — one of whom mounted a successful write-in bid. 

Newcomer Christopher Leh will run unchallenged for one of the two seats in the  Northeastern School District Region 1 race, but a write-in candidate has a shot at the second spot on the Republican ballot.

Results for each of the races are listed below.

Dallastown Area School District Region 2:

One candidate ran for  two open seats in the region.

Incumbent Sue Heistand won the top spot in both the Democratic and Republican primary races, and the second spot went to write-in candidate Sarah Hostler, who received 26 votes in the Democratic primary and 85 votes in the Republican primary.

Northeastern School District Region 1: 

One candidate ran for two four-year seats in the region.

Newcomer Christopher Leh received the most votes in both primaries, winning a spot on both ballots. Write-in candidate Danielle Whitebread received 21 votes in the Republican primary.

West Shore School District Region 2:

One candidate ran for two seats in the region.

Incumbent Sheri Moyer secured a spot on both ballots in November. Write-in candidate Frederick Stoltenburg received 52 votes in the primary, putting him on both ballots in November. 

West York Area School District: 

Five candidates ran for five seats in the Democratic primary, but only four were on the ballot for the Republican primary.

Vice President Jeanne Herman won the top spot in the Democratic primary, with 21.41% of the vote, followed by Courtney Dennis, incumbent Lynn Kohler, President Todd Gettys and Joseph Sacripont III.

Herman, Dennis, Kohler and Gettys secured the same order in the Republican primary but the fifth spot went to write-in candidate Brandy Shope, who received 319 votes.