Primary candidates for all 16 York County school boards

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York County's 16 public school districts each have open seats for school board members in the upcoming May 21 municipal primary.

Below is a breakdown of candidates who have filed petitions for election. All candidates, unless otherwise noted, have cross-filed as Democrats and Republicans. All terms are four years unless otherwise noted.

Central York

Number of seats: Five

  • Ed Blankenstein (incumbent), Eric Wolfgang (incumbent), Edwin Speed, Kyle King, Vickie Guth, Marie Damiano, Stephen Feldmann, Jodi Grothe, Corey Thurman, Gregg Young, Gregory Lewis (incumbent)

Dallastown Area

  • Region 1 (one seat): Hilary Trout (incumbent), Rick Altland, Jerry Smith
  • Region 2 (two seats): Sue Heistand (incumbent) 
  • Region 3 (two seats): Ronald Blevins (incumbent), William Lytle (incumbent)

Dover Area

Number of seats: Five

  • Charles Rauhauser (incumbent), Kathy Herman (incumbent), Nathan Eifert (incumbent), Dennis Dacheux Jr. (incumbent), Rachel Mailey (incumbent)

Eastern York 

  • Region 1 (three seats): Jason Malone (incumbent), Jonathan Shevelew (incumbent), Todd Lentz (R, incumbent)
  • Region 2 (one seat): James Reese (R, incumbent)
  • Region 3 (one seat): Darvin Shelley (R, incumbent)

Hanover Public

Number of seats: Five

  • Sean Huston (R, incumbent), Kill Keeney (R, incumbent), Lisa Gallagher 

Northeastern York

  • Region 1 (two seats, four-year terms; one seat, two-year term): Eric Hornberger (incumbent), Christopher Leh
  • Region 2 (two seats): Kristin Stroup (incumbent), Vanessa Snell (incumbent)
  • Region 3 (one seat): Cory Nade (incumbent), Mike Redding (incumbent)

Northern York County

  • Region 1 (two seats): Kenneth Sechrist (incumbent), Jamie Markle (R) 
  • Region 2 (two seats): Harvey Kutz, Ann Hoverter (incumbent), Elisabeth McLean (incumbent)
  • Region 3 (one seat): John Gunning (R, incumbent) 

Red Lion Area 

  • Region 1 (two seats): Joel Ogle (R, incumbent), John Lenhart Jr. (R, incumbent)
  • Region 2 (two seats): Jay Vasellas (incumbent), Carolyn Sedora (R)
  • Region 3 (1 seat): Joseph Succop (R), Carol McGinn

South Eastern

  • Region 1 (two seats): James Roberts (R, incumbent), Carrie Traeger (incumbent), Alexander Stacey 
  • Region 2 (two seats): Teresa Arredondo (incumbent)
  • Region 3 (two seats): Brian Hoffman (R, incumbent), James Smith (R, incumbent) 

South Western

Number of seats: Six four-year terms; Plesic running for two-year term

  • Ann Rinker (incumbent), Amanda Rynearson Yiengst, Jay Clouspy (incumbent), Ray Mummert (incumbent), Cindy Boyer (incumbent), Patrick Laughman, Richard Plesic III (incumbent)

Southern York County

Number of seats: Five

  • Danielle Weaver-Watts, Kelly Jarvis, Ronald Groncki (incumbent), Bruce Bauman (incumbent), Robert Schefter (incumbent), John Dorr Jr. (incumbent), Bill Mabon

Spring Grove Area

Number of seats: Five

  • Douglas White (incumbent), John Breon (R), David Trettel (incumbent), Brent Hoschar (incumbent), Douglas Stein (incumbent), Karen Baum (incumbent)

West Shore 

  • Region 2 (two seats): Sheri Moyer (incumbent)
  • Region 3 (two seats): Judith Crocenzi (incumbent), Rick Saar

West York Area

Number of seats: Five

  • Lynn Kohler (incumbent), Courtney Dennis, Jeanne Herman (incumbent), Todd Gettys (incumbent), Joseph Sacripont III (D) 

York City

Number of seats: Five 

  • Diane Glover Brown (D, incumbent), Michael Breeland (D, incumbent), Michael Miller (D, incumbent), Lois Garnett (D, incumbent), Carman Bryant (D), Cassandra Liggins (D), Arleta Riviera (D)

York Suburban

Number of seats: Five

  • Michael Thoman (incumbent), John Posenau (incumbent), Lois Schroeder (incumbent), Joel Sears (incumbent), Richard Robinson (incumbent)