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Two Lincoln Charter School board members resign

Junior Gonzalez
York Dispatch

Two board members have resigned from the Lincoln Charter School board.

Lincoln Charter School, 559 W. King St., York City  Amanda J. Cain photo

Motions to accept the departures of Paulette Hawkins and Danyiell Newman were approved by remaining school board members Edquina Washington, Kyle Moore, Maribel Burgos and Renitta Franklin at a meeting Thursday, Feb. 1.

Helen Thackson Charter School board President Danyiell Newman reviews documents during a rescheduled board meeting Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017. Bill Kalina photo

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Hawkins resigned Dec. 7, while Newman — who also serves on the Helen Thackston Charter School board — resigned Jan. 8, according to the board agenda.

Neither was present at Thursday night's meeting.

According to Lincoln spokeswoman Anne Clark, Newman and Hawkins resigned from the board because their terms on the board were ending.