Voting machine issues impact two school board races

Junior Gonzalez
York Dispatch

Two school board races are in doubt as voting-machine issues caused the possibility of voting for a candidate twice.

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Races for school board in the West York Area School District and Central York School District were ones in which the voting-machine issue would throw results in doubt because there were more candidates than open seats.

Although other board-race candidates in other districts might have crossfiled, the races were uncontested, likely keeping winners the same barring a write-in victory.

So far, unofficial results show a loss for current Central York school board member Marie Damiano as well as area resident John Schriver.

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At West York, candidate Joyce Vandersloot failed to gather enough votes for one of the four seats up in that school district’s board.

Reached by phone Wednesday afternoon, Vandersloot accepted the results as-is, adding that she had hoped a victory would bring representation of West York borough parents to the board. 

People that live in the borough have different issues than residents in West Manchester Township, where all board members currently reside, she said.  

"These are wealthier areas where parents are more able to handle difficulties with their kids," Vandersloot, a West York board member from 1987 through 1998, said. 

"In the borough, there are many single families that rely on after-school programs and don't have as much support to handle issues with their children," and she had hoped to be that voice, she stated.

However, Vandersloot said she lost and easily accepted the fact.

"They beat me,"  she said.

Damiano and Schriver were unable to be reached for comment on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

A request for comment from Central York school board president Eric Wolfgang was not returned by a district spokeswoman.

Winners: Unofficial winners in York County school board races are:

Central York: Michael Wagner, Veronica Gemma, Jane Johnson, Joseph Gothie

Dallastown: Anthony Pantano, John Hartman, Michael Jones, Steven Carl Bentzel

Dover: Terry Emig, Any Brinton, Stephen Cook, Charles DeLauter

Eastern York: Richard Holtzinger, Mark Keller, Richard Zepp

Hanover Public (four-year term): Brian Frederick, Maria Shea, Jared Reck, Cynthia Gulden

Hanover Public (two-year term): Sean Huston

Northeastern: Linda Morningstar, William Gingerich, Margaret Walker, Constance Koerner

Northern: Gregory Hlatky, John Price III, Kevin Barnett

Red Lion: Edward Miller, Christine Crone, John Blevins, Stephen Simpson

Southern York: Deborah Kalina, Judi Fisher, James Holly, Jerri Groncki

South Eastern: Brian Henz, Mitchell Smith

South Western: Vanessa Berger, Grayson Paige Wingert, James Harris, Clint Wright

Spring Grove: Rachel Rohrbaugh, Stacy Meyer, Cindy Huber, Todd Staub

West Shore: Mike Wilson, Brian Guistwhite

West York: Don Carl, Suzanne Sennett Smith, George Margetas, David Strine

York City: Tonya Thompson-Morgan, Margie Orr, Lisa Kennedy

York Suburban: Ellen Freireich, Steven Scalet, James Sanders, Kenneth Watts