Below are the start dates for York County school districts:

York City: Aug. 21 (grades 1-12) and Aug. 22 (pre-K and kindergarten)

York Suburban: Aug. 16 (kindergarten through sixth grade, high school freshmen and new students) and Aug. 17 (all students report)

West York School District: Aug. 21

Central York School District: Aug. 30

Southern York School District: Aug. 23 (kindergarten through ninth grade) and Aug. 24 (10th through 12th grades)

Spring Grove Area School District: Aug. 22 (freshmen only) and Aug. 23 (all students report)

Eastern York School District: Aug. 22

Dallastown Area School District: Aug. 23 (freshmen only) and Aug. 24 (all students report)

Dover Area School District: Aug. 21

Red Lion Area School District: Aug. 22 (first through 12th grades and afternoon kindergarten) and Aug. 23 (morning and full-day kindergarten)

Northeastern School District: Aug. 24

Northern York School District: Sept. 5

Hanover Public School District: Aug. 24

South Western School District: Aug. 24 (kindergarten through ninth grade) and Aug. 25 (all students report)

South Eastern School District: Aug. 24

West Shore School District: Aug. 23

Helen Thackston Charter School: Aug 28

Lincoln Charter School: Aug. 9

York Academy Regional Charter School: Aug. 14 (first through eighth grades) and Aug. 15 (kindergarten, all students report)

York Catholic High School: Aug. 24 (eighth through 12th grades) and Aug. 25 (all students report)


York County School of Technology: Aug. 23 (new students) and Aug. 24 (all students)

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