York College is no longer on a warning status by an accreditation agency after a scare last year placed the school’s title in jeopardy.


Dean Pamela Gunter-Smith shared the news late last month to students and staff in a message, stating the Middle States Commission on Higher Education moved to accept the monitoring report submitted by the college in March.

The standard in question — Standard 7, which deals with self-assessments within the college to ensure its fulfillment of its academic mission — is now listed in compliance by Middle States, and the college received a reaffirmation of its accreditation, according to Gunter-Smith.

Middle States, a nonprofit accreditation agency that certifies colleges and universities in several northeastern states, could not be reached for comment.

College spokeswoman Mary Dolheimer said in April that the accreditation issue happened because of procedural issues among staff and students who conducted the study on Standard 7.


She added that procedures have since been updated to “meet the norms of good practice” for both the school and Middle States.

“I offer sincere thanks to everyone who participated in ensuring that this action was achieved, particularly Provost Laura Niesen, who led the effort to provide the appropriate feedback to Middle States,” Gunter-Smith said in the message.


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