York Tech approves refinancing, $12M sports project

Junior Gonzalez
York Dispatch

Students at the York County School of Technology will be seeing updates to their athletic facilities in a few years after school administrators approved a $12 million refinancing and renovation plan Thursday evening that garnered pushback from some school districts.

The York County School of Technology Authority approved a $12 million construction project Thursday evening.


The York County School of Technology Joint Operating Authority was scheduled to vote along with the school’s Joint Operating Committee on the resolution at a dual meeting last week, but not enough authority members attended the meeting to meet the quorum.

During last week's meeting, the York Tech's Joint Operating Committee voted 9-1 in favor of the proposal.

The sole representative who voted against the measure represented the Central York School District. That district’s school board voted against the measure by an 8-1 vote.

The authority met separately Thursday night and voted 10-1 in favor of the proposal. The Central York district representative was not present at that meeting.

The York Tech Joint Operating Committee, which is composed of representatives from each of the 14 member school districts, votes on most general operations of the school.

The authority is also composed of representatives from each school district but mostly serves as a conduit for the financing of the school's bonds and capital projects, such as the vote in question.

For a resolution as far-reaching as the one proposed, approval was needed from a majority of school boards as well as passing votes from the JOC and JOA.

Although the Central York board overwhelmingly opposed the measure in a public letter posted on the district website last month, there is practically no recourse for the district, according to Ken Phillips, a financial adviser with the Lancaster-based financial firm RBC Capital Markets, which will issue bonds for the school's refinancing.

He said the funding formula, which has been the standard for more than 50 years, was created to help support all schools in a given area and provide students the opportunity to attend the school regardless of residence or income.

The refinancing and bonds for the capital project are scheduled to be complete by Sept. 1, according to Phillips.

Facilities that are slated for construction include the building of restrooms, field house, field lights and paving in and near the stadium area.

In the coming months, the Joint Operating Committee will choose an architect to design the project, with an eye toward bidding and groundbreaking after the 2017-18 school year, according to Jon Boyer, business manager for the school district.