School bus drags Dallastown student

David Weissman

A Dallastown Area School District elementary school student was dragged several feet by a school bus last week.

York County children board a school bus in this file photo

Reliance Student Transportation, the transportation provider for the district, issued a statement explaining that the student's backpack got caught inside the bus doors as the driver proceeded to the next stop, approximately 250 feet away.

The driver was immediately fired, according to John Polli, company president.

The student received medical treatment Tuesday afternoon following the incident and was released the same day with minor scrapes and bruises, according to Reliance.

Reliance and district have been in constant contact with family of the student, who returned to school Wednesday by school bus.

Dallastown district officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

"Both the district and Reliance regret this unfortunate and potentially tragic situation and are committed to ensure it can be prevented in the future," Polli said in the statement.

An accident investigation is ongoing, but driver error is believed to be the cause, Polli added.