Tech project helps beautify Delta

John A Pavoncello
York Dispatch

Students in the York County School of Technology carpentry program are helping add a bit of beauty to Delta.

"We got approached by somebody from Delta, maybe a month ago, about building some concrete planters," program instructor Joe Hudak said. "It's a project for the kids. It's playing with different materials, and it's fun."

The planters are part of a project by the borough's "Safe, Clean & Green," committee, part of the overall Delta Pride revitalization project according to Delta Borough Council member Cindy Seibel.

Funding for the project is from the York County Community Foundation as well as local businesses and individuals.

So far, the students have built two molds for the planters and poured 16 of the 40 ordered by the borough, four of which have been delivered.

"From what I understand, they may have need for 100 of them, and there is another location that wants 40 of them, so we may be in the concrete planter business for a little bit," Hudak said with laugh.

Each planter is about 36 inches tall and weighs about 300 pounds. A dye is being added to the concrete when mixed to create a slate black color.

Hudak said when the project is finished the students will "probably take a field trip out there to see what they look like."