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Donor gives $25K to boost technology at York Catholic High School

Alyssa Pressler, 505-5438/@AlyssaPressYD
  • The high school received a $25,000 anonymous donation.
  • With the money, the school will start a one-to-one program in the fall.
  • To start, only the freshman class will have Chromebooks, but administrators hope to expand.

Thanks to a $25,000 anonymous donation, York Catholic High School students will get upgraded technology as part of an initiative called a one-to-one program.

One-to-one programs, in which each student receives a tablet, laptop or Chromebook to use for school purposes, are popular among schools in York County. Teachers can assign homework, plan lessons and have students take tests via the technology. The devices also can double as textbooks and other materials. 

York Catholic High School student Paige Gordon works on her new Chromebook. The school is working on moving toward a one-to-one program.

The program is to start in the fall with the incoming freshman class, according to a school news release. Principal Katie Seufert said administrators are working on securing funding to expand the program to other grade levels. 

The $25,000 donation was used to purchase approximately 100 Chromebooks, Seufert said. The total will cover the entire freshman class — plus a few extra machines to loan out in case one is being repaired.

"We're looking at the way of the future and the opportunities one-to-one allows in terms of ease of access at home and at school," Seufert said. "We’re excited to move in this direction." 

Seufert said the staff has been undergoing professional development and will continue to do so to prepare for the change. A faculty team also visited other local schools with one-to-one programs to learn about device options and ways to use the technology. 

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Additionally, approximately 30 devices currently are being piloted at the high school level.

"I'm confident we're already prepared for this implementation," Seufert said. 

Overall, Seufert, her fellow administrators and the teachers in the high school are excited to blend their traditional education approach with 21st-century technology, Seufert said. 

"We're grateful to our donor for recognizing the value of one-to-one technology in schools and helping us begin this initiative," she said.