Gov. Tom Wolf visited Central York High School on Monday morning to speak with students working in a mass-customization environment.

The school's pilot course, called "Apollo," blends art, English and social studies and allows students to spend a majority of their day working to complete projects containing all three elements.

Wolf spoke with several students participating in the course, including one who was working on a project involving Jeeps. Wolf, whose own Jeep played a prominent role in his campaign for governor, and the student chatted back and forth for several minutes about their fondness for the vehicles.

Letter works: Wolf also met with a sophomore global studies class after one of the students wrote to the governor about their class project.

The project is intended to raise awareness about the use of child slavery on African cocoa plantations.

The group told Wolf and his staff about their social-media outreach and fundraising efforts to try to ensure major companies move exclusively to child-free labor.

Wolf purchased a T-shirt they had designed — though they were currently sold out — and lauded their efforts.

At a news conference following a tour a the school, Wolf praised Central York School District for making good on the large investment Pennsylvania taxpayers put in to education.

Wolf said he believes public education needs to follow this model of education, adjusting to individual students rather than students being forced to adjust to a one-size-fits-all educational model, as he did when he was in school.

He also pointed to some of the issues facing public education in the state, including pension obligations and property owners burdened with too much of the funding.

Wolf said he would support property tax relief in some form.

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Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the global studies course was part of the school's Apollo program.

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