Eastern York Middle School evacuated for the fourth time in one week on Tuesday after another written bomb threat was discovered.

According to a press release on the school's website, the students evacuated the building at approximately 1:05 p.m. upon the discovery of the written bomb threat. Lower Windsor Police Department responded to the scene and identified the student responsible for the threat.

According to the release, students and staff members re-entered the building only 10 minutes after being evacuated. Normal activities were resumed and students were dismissed at the regular dismissal time.

The school evacuated three times last week due to written bomb threats as well. According to press releases on the school's website, the three threats were written by three different students. Two students have been suspended, but the first threat, which was made on Sept. 20, is still being investigated.

Lindsay Good, secretary to Superintendent Darla Pianowski, said that she could not comment on whether the student from today's threat was suspended or not.

In addition to the bomb threats at the middle school, Eastern York High School was locked down on Monday as police searched the area for someone a student brought into the school who wasn't supposed to be there, according to a letter on the district website on Monday.

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