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Construction nearly finished at West York High School

Alyssa Jackson
  • West York school board heard a presentation on Tuesday updating them on the high school construction.
  • Construction began two years ago and should be completed in the next two months.
  • The board also approved the assistant superintendent, with some discussion.

The West York school board heard a presentation from architect Scott Adams at Tuesday night's meeting to get an update on the high school construction.

Construction began about two years ago and has included expansions with the high school, including a new auxiliary gymnasium and an expansion in the cafeteria. Superintendent Emilie Lonardi said that most of the construction was completed by the start of the school year, so the high school was open for business as usual.

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The only things that remain are a few minor items, she said after the meeting. For example, the auditorium stage was updated, but there are still a few things that need to be updated involving the rigging systems.

Board member Ralph Brandt commended the administration and the architecture firm, Gilbert Architects, on their work to improve security in the school. He said this was a main concern for him when the ideas were first brought to the board three years ago.

The biggest security update is the front entrance, where all guests must be buzzed in directly to the main office to sign in before they are buzzed out into the hallway of the school. Lonardi said this feature is now available in all schools in West York School District.

"I am very happy," Brandt said. "I have to commend the administration because, quite frankly, I think — no, I know that we have a better facility from a safety standpoint than what we had three years ago."

The renovations have included a renovated lobby, a new administrative office, new locker rooms, a renovated band room, choral room and music-storage room. Adams said that music equipment used to be stored in the hallway, which was a major safety concern. Many of the classrooms were also renovated, and the parking lots all received fresh pavement.

Londardi said there will be an open house for the community at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27, at the high school to show off many of the new renovations.

Assistant superintendent: All action items from the agenda were approved unanimously except for the renewal of the assistant superintendent contract for Paula Rudy. Board member Jeanne Herman asked that the item be discussed and voted on separately.

During the discussion, Brandt motioned that the board amend the action item to renew Rudy's contract for four years rather than three, calling it a mistake to do otherwise. After the motion was voted on and failed, ultimately the action item was voted on as it was written and passed, with only Herman dissenting. She left the meeting before being reached for comment.

Rudy's contract was renewed for three years beginning July 1, 2017, for her beginning rate, set at $134,166.

"Luckily all board members agreed that her contract should be renewed," Londardi said.