York Suburban High School ranks 457th in nation

Alyssa Jackson
  • York Suburban was 457th out of the top 500 high schools in America, Newsweek determined.
  • Suburban's superintendent said the community fosters well-educated kids.

Newsweek's national high school rankings are in, and York Suburban was among the Pennsylvania schools ranked.

Coming in at 457th in the nation, York Suburban High School reportedly has a college readiness rate of 73.2 percent and a 98.6 percent graduation rate.

Newsweek calculated that 87 percent of students who graduate from York Suburban are college bound and states that the poverty rate for the school was at 24.2 percent.

Superintendent Shelly Merkle said it's a huge honor for the school to be ranked among the best 500 in the country and attributed the success to the community of educators, taxpayers and administrators who work hard to give the best possible education to the students.

Graduates celebrate at the end of ceremonies at the school in June 2016. file photo

"Last year we developed a tagline: A community of encouragement, a culture of excellence," Merkle said. "We think our community supports education and does everything to encourage every child to the utmost degree. We have a long tradition of academic excellence at York Suburban."

York Suburban High School holds 57th commencement

Students there are in agreement. Meredith Singleton, a senior this year at York Suburban, said the high school deserves the rank for how hard both the teachers and students work.

"They put a lot of emphasis on our academics and really push us to do our best, and I think that's fantastic," Singleton said. "The teachers are fantastic. They do a great job, and the students definitely deserve the rank."

This isn't the first year that York Suburban School District has been nationally ranked. In 2014, the high school was ranked 67th in the nation. Merkle said that being ranked several times in the last few years has helped ensure that the school is continually trying to improve.

"It's a real privilege and we take it with great honor, but we understand that it delineates clear expectations of continued improvement," she said.

Newsweek's website says the schools are ranked based on the achievement and college-readiness factors for the absolute list. There's also a relative list that compares the information with the school's child poverty levels. On that relative list, York Suburban ranks 376th in the nation.

Merkle said the staff members were even more excited about the relative rank because it "speaks to the heart of what we do, which is striving to meet the needs of all students."

Thirty Pennsylvania schools made the list, and York Suburban placed 29th out of all of them. In first place for Pennsylvania was Conestoga High School in Berwyn, Chester County.

"We're extremely pleased and proud," York Suburban school board president Lynne Leopold-Sharp said. "We're appreciative of the efforts that the community has made to support our educational programs."