A calculus 'grand slam' for York Catholic High seniors

Alyssa Jackson
  • All 12 students in the AP class achieved the highest score possible on the AP exam.
  • Nine students achieved the top score in other AP exams as well.

Advanced Placement courses are some of the most rigorous a high school student can take, and not many achieve a 5, or a perfect score, on the exam at the end of the yearlong course. Yet an entire AP calculus class from York Catholic High School beat the odds this year when all of the students achieved a perfect score.

This AP calculus class from York Catholic High School achieved perfect scores on the national exam. Front row: Lauren Hand, Madison Dormer, Brooke Ricks and Meghan Freed. Back row: Jason Taylor, Samuel Pawlikowski, Paul Weisser, Luke Brennan, Bryce Floyd, Steven Ream and teacher Phillip Autrey. Missing from the photo are students Jongwoo Ha and Yeon Jung Kim.

The class consisted of 12 seniors taught by calculus teacher Phillip Autrey. The students who earned the perfect score are: Luke Brennan, Madison Dormer, Bryce Floyd, Meghan Freed, Jongwoo Ha, Lauren Hand, Yeon Jung Kim, Samuel Pawlikowski, Steven Ream, Brooke Ricks, Jason Taylor and Paul Weisser.

York Catholic High School also offers AP courses in English, chemistry and U.S. history. In addition, two seniors took an online AP statistics course, according to a news release.

The release states York Catholic students took 55 AP exams in the last school year. Of those tests, 21 students achieved a 5, 21 students achieved a 4 and nine students achieved a 3. In total, 96 percent of students who took AP exams in a variety of subjects achieved a 3 or higher.

Most colleges accept a score of 3 for college credit, which often means one less course the students must take once they are in higher education. AP courses are known for a rigor that mimics college courses. Many students begin dedicating long hours to studying for the AP exams during the summer months before the school year starts. The national AP exams are taken in May of each year.

"York Catholic is proud of our students’ outstanding accomplishments under the leadership of our exceptional teachers," the news release said. "We congratulate them all for a job well done."