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Weapon of choice in weekend fight? A metal pipe, police say

Aimee Ambrose
York Dispatch

A Wrightsville man allegedly struck his friend in the head with a pipe during a fight last week, knocking him out, then kicked him while he was down.

Joshua Burwell

Joshua Burwell, 35, was arrested Saturday on two counts of aggravated assault, along with charges of simple assault, reckless endangerment and harassment following an investigation by Lower Windsor Township police.

According to police, the victim told them he was working on a four-wheeler frame at Burwell’s address in the 400 block of Pleasant Hill Road on Friday when Burwell “flipped out” while drunk and smashed a skid-loader into the four-wheeler.

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Angered in turn, the victim reportedly threw a metal pipe, about an inch thick and 27 inches long, at the skid loader and broke out a window, according to the account he gave police in the criminal complaint.

A witness told police that Burwell then grabbed the pipe and chased the victim with it before throwing it into the back of his head. The victim fell onto the driveway unconscious, the criminal complaint sys. The victim told police he didn’t remember the pipe striking him.

After the victim fell, the witness alleged, Burwell began to kick him while he was unconscious. As the victim started seizing, the witness ran over and smacked him to revive him, according to the account in the complaint.

The victim woke up and went back into action — whacking the skid loader with the pipe again, the witness told police. Burwell, meanwhile, fled the scene in a car.

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When police responded to the call, an officer found the victim had several head injuries. Police also found the pipe and took it into evidence, the complaint shows.

Following his arrest, Burwell was arraigned in district court Saturday. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 14, court records show.

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