Probation for Hanover woman involved in 'Russian roulette' robbery, unlawful restraint

Liz Evans Scolforo
York Dispatch

A Hanover woman has avoided prison for her part in what police said was the kidnapping, pistol-whipping and robbery of a man over an imaginary drug debt.

Chasity Uttley, 24, appeared in York County Court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to the felony of conspiracy to commit robbery and the misdemeanor of making a false report, according to court records.

It was a negotiated plea agreement, defense attorney Rick Robinson confirmed.

In exchange for her plea, Uttley's charges of kidnapping and receiving stolen property were dropped, court records state.

Presiding Common Pleas Judge Amber A. Kraft sentenced Uttley to five years' probation, ordered her to submit to random drug tests and directed her to pay restitution to the victim, records state.

Uttley and codefendant Jeffrey Jerome Dixon Jr., of the Hanover and Gettysburg areas, must pay their share of the total restitution amount of about $570, according to court records.

Known as "J.R.," Dixon, 33, pleaded guilty Dec. 30 to aggravated assault, robbery and unlawful restraint, court records state. In exchange, charges including kidnapping were dropped.

Chasity Elizabeth Uttley

State prison sentence: Dixon was sentenced to three to six years in state prison as part of his negotiated plea agreement, court records state.

Hanover Borough Police have said Dixon's and Uttley's victim suffered a concussion, broken nose, memory loss and numerous bruises to his head and face.

As the victim was being held against his will in Uttley's home, he was forced to get into a tub, at which point Dixon started spinning the cylinder of a revolver and playing Russian roulette with the victim by pointing his gun at the man's head and pulling the trigger after each spin of the cylinder, court documents state.

The victim told police he left his Hanover home about 3:30 a.m. Nov. 8, 2019, and realized he was being followed by a man he didn't know who began chasing him, according to documents. Police said they later learned the man was Dixon.

The victim told officers he started running away but blacked out, police said. When he awoke, he was in a strange apartment where Dixon was holding him at gunpoint, documents state. Uttley and a third person were there as well, police said.

Dixon told the victim he owed the woman $350, but the victim told investigators he didn't know the woman and didn't owe her money, according to police.

Jeffrey Jerome Dixon Jr., known as "J.R."

Russian roulette: That's when he was moved to a bathroom, forced into the tub and made the target of Russian roulette, police said.

The victim then agreed to get money from an ATM "in an effort to end the assault," documents state.

He was driven to a convenience store and ordered to withdraw $450, which Dixon and Uttley took, police said.

After between two and four hours of being held against his will, he was dropped off near his home and later treated for his injuries at York Hospital, police said.

Officers were able to identify Uttley as being involved, and she named the gunman as "J.R." and said the bulk of the crimes happened at her home in the 100 block of York Street, court documents state.

'Paranoid': She told officers that Dixon appeared to be paranoid and under the influence a few hours prior to him unlawfully restraining the victim, and that Dixon claimed to have seen someone in her home, police said.

Uttley also said she had been "hearing noises and seeing shadows" at her home over a several-hour period and thought she saw "the rear end" of the victim going out a third-floor window, documents state. Police said that window was too small for an adult man to squeeze through.

Dixon convinced her that the victim had stolen money from her wallet, according to police.

Uttley also told police Dixon chased the victim, caught him in the alley behind her home and dragged him by the hair into her home, according to court documents.

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