Probation for Red Lion mother found passed out next to baby

Liz Evans Scolforo
York Dispatch
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Lauren Elizabeth Ryman

A Red Lion mother overwhelmed by being a single mother has avoided prison for passing out drunk while home alone with her then-10-month-old boy.

Lauren Elizabeth Ryman, 26, who at the time lived on South Franklin Street, pleaded guilty Monday, Dec. 30, to a third-degree felony count of child endangerment, according to court records.

She was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to complete parenting classes and drug and alcohol treatment, records state.

"From what I've seen, it looked like it might have been an isolated situation," defense attorney Ron Gross told The York Dispatch. "She's getting herself together."

Ryman is working with the York County Office of Children, Youth and Families to get her son back, Gross said.

Currently, the boy is with his paternal grandmother, according to Gross, who said the child's father was recently released from York County Prison.

He said Ryman avoided a prison sentence because she is complying with court requirements, including parenting classes.

At the time charges were filed, Ryman expressed remorse to a York Dispatch reporter and said her baby wasn't hurt.

The background: State police troopers were called to Ryman's home by the baby's paternal grandmother about 7:15 p.m. June 22, according to court documents.

Grandmother Jennifer Stabley told police that Ryman called her to say she couldn't handle being a mother anymore and sounded distraught, documents state.

The father of Ryman's 10-month-old baby, who is Stabley's son, was in York County Prison at that time, documents state, and Ryman was raising their child by herself.

She apparently told Stabley several times she couldn't do it by herself.

Ryman asked Stabley to pick up the child, and Stabley agreed, according to documents.

But when Stabley got to Ryman's home and knocked on her door, there was no answer, even though Stabley could hear her grandson crying inside, police said. That's when she called police for help.

Trooper James Grothey knocked on Ryman's door and got no answer, and also he yelled several times into an open window to get Ryman to respond, documents state.

Charging documents indicate he also heard the child crying inside.

Grothey called Ryman's landlord, who unlocked her door. That's when Grothey found Ryman and her baby in a front room near the open window, documents state.

"Ryman was high(ly) intoxicated and admitted having been drinking all day while ... supervising the child," Grothey wrote in documents. "A large empty bottle of wine was observed in the kitchen."

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