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Police: Man legally carrying gun prompts response to York-area Giant

A Facebook post from Ryan Flohr following an incident at Giant supermarket in East Manchester.

A man legally carrying a gun into an East Manchester Township Giant prompted police to respond to the grocery store Sunday, according to police.

Northeastern Regional Police said a man had a 9mm handgun with a short stock and high capacity magazine, which would look like a rifle to the untrained eye.

Officers were called to the Giant at 205 Glen Drive about 4:10 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 29, after they received a complaint of someone carrying what looked like a "machine gun," in the store.

Ryan Flohr, of Dover Township, posted on Facebook that he carried his gun, like he usually does, into the store and didn't see any signs saying he could not open carry. 

When he entered a bathroom, a store manager evacuated the store as a safety precaution, according to police.

But Flohr said the store wasn't evacuated and that people were coming and going as usual. 

Flohr told The York Dispatch that he was carrying his pistol at the Giant, which he has done multiple times without any issues. It was by his side with a strap around his shoulder, he said.

He said he carries because of people looking to shoot a place up.

Flohr told police that he was exercising his right to open carry. Police said he was cooperative and is legally allowed to own and carry the gun.

The store was reopened with no problems, according to police.

Giant Foods acknowledges that open carry weapons are legal, but it encourages customers not to carry in its stores, the company said in a statement Monday.

"We respectfully request that customers not bring firearms in our stores even if permitted by applicable state and local laws," the statement said.

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