Police are searching for men involved in an attempted robbery early Wednesday morning in Manchester Township.

Northern York County Regional Police said an unidentified man was held at gunpoint by three other men in the 400 block of Robin Hill Circle about 1:15 a.m. Wednesday, July 31. The incident was captured by a surveillance camera at a nearby residence. 

The footage showed the man being forced by the three assailants to attempt to open a door to a home on that block. The man, police said, did not live there and was not able to get into the home.

One of the three assailants then punched the victim in the face, according to authorities.

They were scared off by a neighbor who heard the noise they were making, police said.

Investigators are trying to identify the victim and the three people involved.

The department released part of the surveillance footage, which showed three men and the victim in front of the home they tried to get into that morning.

Anyone with information on the incident or those involved is asked to contact Northern Regional Police at 717-467-8355 or at

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