Police: Overwhelmed Red Lion mom called for help, found passed out alone with baby

Liz Evans Scolforo
York Dispatch
Lauren Elizabeth Ryman

An apparently overwhelmed Red Lion mother has been charged with endangering her baby by passing out from drinking while the two of them were home alone, according to police allegations.

Lauren Elizabeth Ryman, 25, of the 100 block of South Franklin Street, remains free on $5,000 unsecured bail, charged with the third-degree felony of child endangerment, according to court records. Unsecured bail means she didn't have to post any money to remain free but could forfeit that amount if she misses court proceedings.

Reached Tuesday, June 25, Ryman told The York Dispatch she's very remorseful for what happened, although she maintains the details of what happened "got a little twisted."

Ryman noted that her son was completely unharmed.

The allegations: State troopers were called to Ryman's home by the baby's paternal grandmother about 7:15 p.m. Saturday, June 22, according to charging documents filed by state police.

Grandmother Jennifer Stabley told police that Ryman called her to say she couldn't handle being a mother anymore and sounded distraught, documents state.

The father of Ryman's 10-month-old baby, who is Stabley's son, is currently in York County Prison, documents state, and Ryman is raising their child by herself.

She apparently told Stabley several times she couldn't do it by herself.

Ryman asked Stabley to pick up the child, and Stabley agreed, according to documents.

But when Stabley got to Ryman's home and knocked on her door, there was no answer, despite Stabley being able to hear her grandson crying inside, documents allege. That's when she called police for help.

Trooper James Grothey knocked on Ryman's door and got no answer, and also he yelled several times into an open window to get Ryman to respond, documents allege.

Charging documents indicate he also heard the child crying inside.

Grothey called Ryman's landlord, who unlocked her door. That's when Grothey found Ryman and her baby in a front room near the open window, documents state.

"Ryman was high(ly) intoxicated and admitted having been drinking all day while ... supervising the child," Grothey wrote in charging documents. "A large empty bottle of wine was observed in the kitchen."

Finding help: Overwhelmed parents can call The Lehman Center at 400 W. Market St. in York City — day or night — for emergency respite care for children under 7 and to learn about the many other services the center offers to parents and caregivers.

Reach The Lehman Center, which is part of the Children's Aid Society, by calling 800-635-6619 or 717-845-5771, or visit the Children's Aid Society online at www.cassd.org.

The center is available 24 hours a day to help parents in crisis.

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