Police: Harrisburg man raped woman in Newberry Twp.

Nigel Lane

A Harrisburg man is accused of raping a woman in Newberry Township last year, according to police.

Newberry Township Police said Nigel Jarell Lane, 19, raped the woman in her home in April 2018. He also is accused of indecently assaulting her in June, according to court documents.

Lane, of the 2400 block of Kensington Street, is charged with rape of an unconscious person, sexual assault and a misdemeanor charge of indecent assault.

 June incident: Police said the victim reported that she had been drinking a lot on June 9, and she went to bed, court documents state.

While in bed, Lane tried to grab her genitals, and she told him to stop and get out, according to authorities.

"(The victim) did specifically recall Nigel saying 'shhh it's okay,' and 'it will be okay,'" Detective Daniel Grimme wrote in charging documents.

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She remembered waking up the next morning and feeling as if her insides had almost been "rearranged," police said.

"(The victim) believed she may have been raped by Nigel Lane," Grimme wrote in documents.

Court documents state the indecent assault charge is from the June incident.

When police spoke to Lane, he claimed it was the third time he had sex with the victim, according to authorities. 

He said she gave him that "sexual look," and the two had sex, police said.

The April incident: While talking to police, Lane said that the two had sex in April, when she had come home "really drunk," charging documents allege. 

He helped her into bed, police said, and she wanted to have sex with him, police said. 

When authorities spoke to the victim about the April incident, she did not remember that happening, according to authorities.

The other two charges were for the alleged April 2018 incident.

Lane was arraigned on the charges on March 27. He remains free after posting $10,000 bail. 

A number could not be found for him, and he does not have an attorney listed yet.

Lane's preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 10 at District Judge Scott Gross' office.

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