York County fugitive on the run: 'This is not the endgame'

Liz Evans Scolforo
York Dispatch
Thomas Jarrod Stone

A Dover Township man on the run from Northern Regional Police said that while he eventually intends to turn himself in — assuming he's not captured before that happens — he has no immediate plans to do so.

"I've got to deal with this eventually. This is not the endgame," Thomas Jarrod Stone told The York Dispatch in a phone interview Tuesday, March 19. "But I'm not worried about it. At the end of the day, if they get me, they get me."

He claims to be in Oregon and said he's working a job off the books and selling crack cocaine to make money. The latter venture has been eventful, he said.

"I've been stabbed twice this week," Stone said. "This s— is a f—in' war zone."

The 27-year-old said he needs the drug money for his family, although at this point he is not in contact with his wife. He has a daughter who is currently being raised by his parents, he said.

"I could stop selling crack, but I need to feed my family," he said. "I can make money wherever I go. I'm a survivor."

Paige Bechtel, his pregnant wife, on Monday obtained a protection from abuse order against Stone that remains in effect until a judge determines otherwise. In it, she alleges he physically abused her and threatened to shoot her up with drugs to kill their fetus.

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Stone's legal travails: Last month, Northern York County Regional Police filed two sets of charges against Stone for allegedly threatening his wife's father and brother.

Stone also remains charged with vehicular homicide for a 2014 motorcycle crash in which a man he described as his friend was killed.

Stone said he will appear for his trial in that case, "so my bail bondsman won't have to pay." His bail in the fatal crash case is $100,000.

"I'm glad I pissed off some cops," he said. "I hate cops."

He admitted he has a temper and can be violent, but he said he's not mentally ill.

"I snap out real easy," he said. "I get so mad sometimes."

'I got mad': Stone took issue with allegations against him in two of his three cases but not with allegations for the case in which he's accused of threatening to break his brother-in-law's jaw and, according to charging documents, "split his head wide open."

"I did threaten that clown," he said. "I got mad and told him to come meet me. I went to meet him and he didn't show up."

Stone denied threatening to kill his father-in-law and also denied throwing three sockets at the Franklin Township man's front-door window, as charging documents allege.

One of Bechtel's family members has told Northern Regional Police that Stone is violent, has access to weapons and is probably capable of carrying out his threats, according to police.

Stone told The York Dispatch that his wife's family members are keeping her away from him.

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Fatal crash: Stone also spoke about the May 23, 2014, motorcycle crash along Red Run Church Road in Washington Township in which he and 18-year-old Aaron Groendyk of Dover suffered major injuries, according to police. Groendyk died of his injuries on June 30, 2014.

Police have said Stone was operating the motorcycle when he lost control and it struck a utility pole.

Aaron Groendyk

Stone claims it was Groendyk who was operating the stolen motorcycle when it crashed.

"I was drunk and he was high on K2," Stone said. "It took us two hours to figure out how to (turn) it on."

He said he and Groendyk were friends and said he could have stopped it simply by saying it wasn't a good idea.

"I felt really, really horrible for what happened at first," he said, then he disparaged Groendyk's mother for suing him on behalf of her dead son's estate.

Pam Groendyk has told The York Dispatch that she and her family are grieving and have been through hell.

She said that with Stone on the run, she fears for her family's safety.

"I have my house on lockdown," she said recently.

Stone has been an adult for less than a decade but has already been in and out of York County Prison 11 times and has served state prison time, according to prison records. He was most recently released Aug. 15.

Anyone with information about Stone's whereabouts can call Northern Regional Police at 717-292-3647, or call 911. Tips can be emailed anonymously to tips@nycrpd.org.

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